{7 things God taught me this summer}

Summer is nearly ending and Fall is officially upon us. I’ve decided to make a list for you; God has taught me many, many things this summer but I’ll be sharing the important ones.

“He can be present more places in your life than just church.”

1. It’s not about the things, but the experiences.
God didn’t create us to become obsessed with worldly things, we were made to enjoy the beauty he has created in the world around us.

2. Happiness can also be found in solidarity and peacefulness
It’s ok if you’re not doing something every second of everyday, God looks for moments of solidarity to draw near to us and show us pure happiness.

3. The saying “Let Go and Let God” has never been more true
Oftentimes people try to come home for the summer and fix everything in their broken lives, they actively try to mend relationships on their own terms instead of sitting back and letting God lead them toward their true path.

4. The biggest characteristic of your faith should be kindness and love
The main thing Jesus wants from us, is to be more like him. People will remember your faith in God through the way you treat them rather than how much you try to preach to them.

5. Don’t be afraid to speak of Jesus like a friend
Demonstrate your relationship with Christ by referring to Him throughout your day. Stay in conversation with the Lord and thank Him for every blessing you experience in your day.

6. The things God has for us are so much better than the things we have for ourselves
As humans, we are so weak. How often would we settle for the first thing that glimmers in front of our eyes because it seems like the best option at the time? But God has a plan for our lives, which He has created since the very beginning. It is a plan not to harm you, but to “prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11). Although his “no” sometimes stings, it is often God telling us, “You cannot have this because I have something so much better for you.” In the moment, it can be hard to trust and see the bigger picture, especially when we think our plan is best. But the God who has secured your soul for eternity is sovereign enough to care for the details of your life.

7. His mercies are new every morning
There may be wailing in the night, but joy comes in the morning. Right now it is so hard to keep going, but when the dawn breaks in glorious light, allow it to be a reminder that Christ’s love has never left you. It is as faithful as the rising sun, and as beautiful as a brand-new morning. You may feel tired and used. You may feel weary and worn out. But each new morning, He provides mercy and strength for the struggle.

I hope what I’ve shared will impact you as it did for me. Thank you for being here and taking the time to read every single word that comes from my heart. Xo.





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